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9/7/13  Game, Set, Match Barron's  
2/24/13 Worried About Bonds? Here's What You Can Do. WSJ  


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Stocks End Lower After a Strong Week The Associated Press  


The market's August lull nears an end; stocks fall The Associated Press John Lekas addresses the hype ahead of Bernanke's Jackson Hole speech and the impact it may have on financial markets.


Leader's Lekas Gears up for Growth, Inflation Barron's  


Tip Sheet: Leader Capital Aims for High Yields on Short Bonds Dow Jones  


RIA Leader Capital Names Carmack Co-Portfolio Manager Financial Planning  


 3 Energy-Sector Bond Picks Forbes  


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 Fed May 'Twist' Balance Sheet to Promote Recovery U.S. News  


Bond yields briefly smash all-time record lows USA Today  


Credit Markets: Caterpillar Rushes To Issue As Treasurys Rise Dow Jones  


Sovereign Bonds

Dow Jones

7/23/11  Debt Talks and the Bond Market Reuters  
5/3/11 Is there a no-man's land for bond investors? Reuters  
4/16/11 Don't Get Caught Short by Rising Oil Prices MarketWatch  
4/14/11 Advisors Get More Flexible Registered Rep.  


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12/23/10 The Right Hedge for Rising Rates Morningstar  
11/16/10 As EU Presses Ireland, Greece Has '14 Days to Live' AdvisorOne Currency Confusion
10/12/10 Fed Minutes: QE May Be Needed 'Before Long' AdvisorOne  
09/01/10 Where's the Fire? The Inflation vs. Deflation Debate Heats Up. SFO Magazine  
08/27/10 Floating-Rate Bond Funds Hedge Against Rising Rates Wall Street Journal John Lekas calls attention to the dangers of investing in low quality bank loan funds as a hedge against interest rate risk.
08/26/10 Floating-rate bond funds may set investors adrift MarketWatch  
06/23/10 CREDIT MARKETS: Risk Off As Housing Data Shakes Confidence Wall Street Journal
More issuers should be in the market
Libor Spike Is Rekindling Fears Of Another Financial Crisis CNBC.com Spiking Libor rates - signaling double dip
Dow to Tumble Near 4200-5000 by Mid-2011: Strategist
CNBC Stock Blog
Dow to fall near 4,200 to 5,000 by the second quarter of 2011
Stocks climb on earnings; Fed holds rate steady Associated Press
Dow 11,000: What Would It Mean?
Bond market clues
Leader Capital's John Lekas: Environment ideal for floating-rate bonds Investment News
John Lekas explains the conservative risk-return profile of an investment strategy centered on high quality floating-rate notes.
Large Private Equity Firms Reap Most Benefit From Flourishing Junk-bond Market Medill Reports
Junk debt
Investing in Bonds Will Be Much Trickier in 2010 Daily Finance
Credit Markets
The Case for Corporate Bonds
Corporate debt
02/02/10 The Deficit and the Dollar SmartMoney.com US deficits
01/30/10 Rising Corporate Debt Could Bankrupt Firms, Crash Market by 2013 Daily Finance Corporate debt
01/07/10 Credit Markets: Sentiments Up On Expectation of Rosy Jobs Report Dow Jones Interest rates



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Traders hope Fed keeps singing the same tune Associated Press
Short term market outlook
Lessons From Dubai: Start Cutting Risk In Your Portfolio CNBC
Dubai on global markets
We're Approaching a Market Bubble: Portfolio Manager CNBC Stock Blog
Dubai bubble
Dollar dips further as Fed comits to low rates MarketWatch
Fed keeps low rates
Shaping Up
Fund Strategy
Economic recovery
Fed Rates Will Hit 7-7.5% by 2011: Portfolio Manager CNBC Stock Blog
Market insight; dollar will dip
Dow Will Fall to 6.300 by Year End: Portfolio Manager CNBC Stock Blog
Fund Managers Bracing for a Sell-Off BusinessWeek
Bearish view
Tresurys rise as investors eye safety of bonds Associated Press
Flight to quality
Bernanke's Low-Rate Fed Future is Secure BusinessWeek
Fed sticks with low interest rates
Day Trading in US Treasurys CNBC
US Treasurys
Alternative Answers Wall Street Journal
Convertible bonds
Treasury Prices Vault Higher
08/13/09 Wall Street Approves as Fed Keeps Rates Near 0% USA Today Interest rates
08/11/09 FED is Unlikely to Raise Rates, But Could Boost Confidence CNBC.com Fed rates 7.5 percent by 2011
08/11/09 Fed to Hike Rates to 7% by Mid-2011: Strategist CNBC Stock Blog Fed
08/10/09 Coming to Grips with Ecoomic Growth Barron's Economic stabilization
07/20/09 Will 25% Unemployment Doom the Recovery SmartMoney Unemployment and the recession
07/15/09 Stocks Rise on Upbeat Earnings Reports Examiner Earnings

2008 & Earlier

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11/19/08 What if GM Goes Broke MSN Money Auto bailout
09/01/06 All About The Dollar Ticker.com Interest rates



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10/1/13 Will shutdown help restore U.S. AAA status? FOX Business John Lekas gives his outlook for the U.S. credit rating as the government shuts down.
7/3/13  Bernanke Won't Quit QE3 Soon CNBC Squawk John Lekas talks to Kelly Evans about why the Federal Reserve will maintain loose policy while low GDP in the U.S. and overseas signals a global slowdown.
6/24/13 Pullback an Overreaction or Overdue? FOX Business John Lekas joins Fox Business to discuss the implications of low GDP and higher interest rates as volatility returns to equity and bond markets.
3/21/13 Retail Investors Still Skeptical About the Markets? Fox Business  
2/18/13 G20 Opens Door for All-Out Currency War? Fox Business  


Date Title Source Topic
12/6/12 Tomorrow in 30: Jobs & Consumer Confidence CNBC Closing Bell Scott Carmack joins Maria Bartiromo for a discussion on near term market movers including employment numbers, consumer confidence and fiscal cliff headlines.
11/16/12 Lekas: Fiscal Cliff is a Non-Event Fox Business John Lekas joins Fox Business to discuss fiscal cliff concerns, corporate refinancing and the prospects of a long term stock market uptrend.
10/15/12 Would a Romney Win Be Win for Investors? Fox Business John Lekas joins Fox Business to discuss how corporate earnings benefit from attractive refinancing terms and why the election outcome matters to investors.
10/02/12 Depression or Bull Run Ahead FOX Business John Lekas joins Fox Business to discuss how a lower U.S. dollar and corporate refinancing will lead to strong fourth-quarter earnings and help propel the U.S. into a major bull market.
7/24/12 Investor Worry: Gov't Holding Economy Hostage Bloomberg TV John Lekas joins Matt Miller as co-host to share his thoughts on the main factors weighing on the sluggish economy.
7/24/12 Profit Through the Storm CNBC John Lekas joins CNBC to discuss the benefits of investing in Europe through U.S. dollar denominated bonds.
6/29/12 European Investment Strategy Bloomberg TV  
5/23/12 Seeking Opportunities in Europe CNBC Fast Money John Lekas makes the fundamental case for select investment opportunities in Europe and elsewhere.
4/27/12  Markets Headed for a Major Bull Run? Fox Business John Lekas identifies the inflections points indicating the start of a long term bull market that should benefit investors in U.S. companies.
3/21/12 Focus Shifting From Europe to China Bloomberg John Lekas joins Carole Massar as co-host of Bloomberg Rewind to discuss the impact of major news events on the global economy.
2/27/12  Buy convertible bonds of Peabody, Venezuela, investor says Reuters John Lekas addresses why investors should consider energy company convertible bonds for their equity-like return potential and compelling yields.


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8/5/11 Markets Reacting to a Lack of Economic Growth? Fox Business  
7/20/11 Debt Talks, Potential Downgrade's Impact on Markets Fox Business  
6/27/11 Making Money in Metals CNBC  
6/10/11 Why You Should Stick With Commodities Fox Business  
5/16/11 Are We in a Bull or Bear Market? Fox Business  
5/10/11 China's Global Presence CNBC  
4/7/11 High Oil Prices and the Investor's Strategies MarketWatch  
3/28/11 Bulls Take on the Bears! Fox Business  
3/24/11 Midday Market Check CNBC - Power Lunch  
2/21/11 Profiting From Tech Stocks Fox Business  


Date Title Source Topic
12/30/10 How to Play Rising Rates CNBC - Closing Bell  
10/01/10 Stocks Start Month on Bullish Note CNBC The Early Tick  
10/01/10 Bankruptcy "Only Way Out" for Struggling State and Local Govts, Bond Fund Manager Says Yahoo! Finance tech|ticker  
10/01/10 2011 Outlook: Deflation and Dow 4200 Followed by "Wave of Refinancings" Yahoo! Finance tech|ticker  
10/01/10 Lekas: Third quarter was great. Now get out! MarketWatch Radio  
09/21/10 Does The Bull Run Have Legs? CNBC Squawk on the Street GP at zero
8/26/10 Floating-rate bond funds may set investors adrift MarketWatch  


Today's Market Breakdown

CNBC Market Alert

Buy the 30 Year Treasury

05/26/10 Playing the Volatility CNBC The Call
Market volatility - investing in libor
05/18/10 Libor is the Story CNBC The Call
How much of a problem is deflation - falling prices and rising costs of capital, Libor
05/10/10 Shock, Awe & Your Money CNBC Power Lunch
Libor to put pressure on US Treasury rates
Money on Sidelines on Wall Street FoxBusiness.com Live
Take a conservative approach
04/05/10 Market Edge CNBC Squawk on the Street Market is getting ready for a major upswing or downfall
03/05/10 "There's No Bubble in Bonds," Bond Fund Manager Says Yahoo! Finance tech|ticker Risk in junk bonds, stick to higher quality
03/04/10 "Real" Unemployment Could Serge to 25%, Portfolio Manager Says Yahoo! Finance tech|ticker The U-6 is the only job figure that matters!
03/04/10 Four Reasons to Root for Higher Interest Rates Yahoo! Finance tech|ticker Libor
02/10/10 Market Edge CNBC Squawk on the Street Where is the stock market headed?
01/19/10 Checking Market Pulse CNBC Squawk on the Street Stock market overvalued


Date Title Source Topic
12/29/09 Can the Economy Fuel the Rally? CNBC
Year end rally
11/30/09 Trader Reaction to Dubai CNBC The Call
10/16/09 Road to Recovery CNBC Kudlow Report Feds role in economic recovery
10/16/09 Investing in Today's Market CNBC The Call
10/05/09 Market Bull vs. Bear CNBC The Call
09/17/09 Market Bull vs. Bear CNBC The Call Third quarter earnings
09/10/09 Bears Should Hibernate? CNBC Reports
Market Drive
09/02/09 Septermber Stock Picks CNBC Squawk on the Street
Conservative strategy
08/11/09 Fed Preview CNBC Squawk on the Street
Fed & interest rates
07/23/09 The Dow Reaches 9,000: Stocks Wake Up CNBC Reports Sell
07/23/09 The Dow Reaches 9,000: Lead vs. Lag Indicators CNBC Reports More money in fixed income, rally short lined
07/23/09 Dow 9,000: Where the Markets Are Headed CNBC Reports Dow to fall to 6200 in 2010, 4200 in 2011
07/23/09 Dow 9,000: Lower Open? CNBC Reports Buy convertible bonds
07/14/09 Selling The Gloom CNBC Reports
Stocks to fall in 2011, bull market to start 2012
07/14/09 Time To Let The Bulls Run CNBC Reports
Fixed income
07/06/09 John Lekas on Fox Business Fox Business
06/24/09 John Lekas on Bloomberg News Bloomberg News


Date Title Source Topic
09/19/08 Market Bull vs. Bear TheStreet.com
Credit Crisis
09/12/08 Fannie-Freddie Combo Inevitable CNN Money.com
09/11/08 Lehman & The Fed BNN
Financials testing new lows