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Leader Capital is a Mutual Fund Company specializing in fixed income investments.  Through our Short Term Bond Fund and Total Return Fund, we outperform by taking an opportunistic approach rather than tactical; we manage the risk reward relationship of every investment with our proprietary model. 


"Where Are Rates Going in 2014?" 1/2014
Leader Capital is adjusting its 12 month interest rate targets. Our new targets are as follows:
- 2.25% for the 5-year treasury
- 3.5% for the 10-year treasury
- 4.5% for the 30-year treasury

Corporate Credit vs. Sovereign Debt 7/2012
Corporate Bonds will outperform U.S. treasuries for the foreseeable future based on fundamental credit metrics, less supply, and higher demand.

"Bernanke's Arms Race" Newsletter 4/2011
The U.S. government is on a low dollar policy and therefore will not raise the Fed Funds target rate until our competitive posture in the world economy is on solid ground and our deficit increases are outpaced by GDP growth.

The Cost of Capital Newsletter 9/2010
It is our conclusion that the consumer is out of the game and will be until actual GDP is 4% (or better) and 30 year mortgages are at 3.75%, or both... Unemployment should peak at 24% (U6) and 15% (U3) so we believe another 5% of the workforce will be on the dole by 2nd Quarter 2011...

Tip of the Iceberg Newsletter 7/2009
The United States and the world are heading toward a downward spiral in pricing and upward spiral in borrowing costs... We believe coporate earnings will be approximately 43% less...

The Bouncing Ball Newsletter 10/2008
The DOW is approcaing retracements not seen since 1973 and 2001...approximately 44% (down). Our opinion is there will be a trading range between 7,800 and 10,900 into 2009...

Hooverville Newsletter 12/2007Our top down view going forward indicates a similar scenario to the S&L crisis beginning in 1985.


March 17, 2008 Dow 13,000 Near Term, 8,800 by Summer

June 24, 2008 We Reiterate Sell Munis

March 31, 2009 Mini Hooverville, Dow target of 9600

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imageLatest News

Leader Capital Announces:
Redemption Fee Discontinued on Leader Total Return Fund. Leader Capital has eliminated the early redemption fee for the Total Return Fund.  Effective immediately there is no longer a minimum holding period.

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Small Fund Nimble Enough to Navigate the Edges of Fixed Income
Leader Total Return Fund manager goes off the beaten path to make nimble bets on market and rate patterns

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Is It Time to Dive Back Into Emerging-Market Bonds 
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Will shutdown help restore U.S. AAA Status?
October 1, 2013 - Leader Capital CEO John Lekas gives his outlook for the U.S. credit rating as the government shuts down.

Game, Set, Match
September 7, 2013 - Barron’s profiles John Lekas and the strategies behind the category-beating performance of the Leader mutual funds.
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Bernanke Won't Quit QE3 Soon
July 3, 2013 - John Lekas talks to Kelly Evans about why the Federal Reserve will maintain loose policy while low GDP in the U.S. and overseas signals a global slowdown.

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Pullback an Overreaction or Overdue?
June 24, 2013 - John Lekas joins Fox Business to discuss the implications of low GDP and higher interest rates as volatility returns to equity and bond markets.

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Tomorrow in 30: Jobs & Consumer Confidence
December 6, 2012 - Scott Carmack joins Maria Bartiromo for a discussion on near term market movers including employment numbers, consumer confidence and fiscal cliff headlines.